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Stand Up Paddling Through the Arches at Paddy's Island in the Annapolis Valley, NS.

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You have to time the tides just right to be able to paddle through these naturally formed arches in the Minas Basin. Majestic red earth rising out of the rising tides of this vibrant ocean floor.  Paddy's Island, Annapolis Valley just 15mins from Wolfville is a wonderful place to experience both walking around at low tide, and then at the top of high tide, when you're able to paddle around and through these same arches. It's a unique and vibrant way to experience the ocean and shore of this part of Nova Scotia.

On this adventure, we time the tides, wind and weather and head out for a 1km paddle from the Pereau boat launch over to the arches. We take our time (and pictures) paddling through each of the arches and along the coast line before following the wind and tides back to shore.  It's a unique perspective to enjoy the stellar views of Cape Blomidon, the red earthen cliffs, the sea birds and blue sky on this ~2hr experience.

Reminiscent of the famed Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, can see the Medford sand stacks when you drive to Blomidon, paddling through them brings a whole new appreciation to the beautiful and continually changing landscape interchange between water and earth.

Timing is everything for this paddling adventure, you have to hit that beautiful calm hour right at the top of high tide to be able to reach the arches and paddle through. Not only the tide, but also the sun, wind and waves all need to play nice for this adventure and because this is Nova Scotia, you never know how the day will be until you see it! We do may need to reschedule if the weather doesn't go as planned (yes, I can't control that!)

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