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Teen Girls Learn to Snowboard Program - Winter 2019

A review of our pilot project, sponsored learn-to-snowboard program.

Our goal with the Girls on Boards Snowboarding program was to introduce young women to a new sport and create a body positive, community of girls who have not had the opportunity to try non-traditional sports and would benefit from learning basic skills and cultivating a love for recreational and outdoor sports, as a life-long healthy-living physical activity.

The 2-session program included a 2.5hr indoor snowboarding skills training session using Burton Snowboards’ indoor PE material, followed by a positive body image group discussion and reflection.

The second session for participants was an on-the-hill lesson and snowboarding day to practice what they have learned as well as bond with their group.

The snowboard skills were taught by an all-female team of certified coaches from Nova Scotia Snowboard and certified instructors from Ski Martock.

Our long term goal at Girls on Boards non-profit is to create a positive and inviting environment for girls to get involved in recreational sports and to reduce barriers to sport faced by young women including socioeconomic factors as well as body image pressures and perceived limitations.

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Here are images and feedback from the Snowboarding Workshop at the MSVU Girls Conference that same week.  We introduced snowboarding to another group of excited girls and created some more conversations around trusting your core and riding your own journey:

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Thank you so much again for participating in the 2019 Girls Conference. Your workshop was a valuable addition to the day. Here are a few of the delegates comments below:

"Find your balance, Trust your core was my favorite workshop because: 

  • you got to go on a snowboard and play on it.
  • it taught me more about snowboarding.
  • I loved learning more snowboarding skills.
  • I am very interested in snowboarding.
  • It was active, entertaining and interesting.
  • It was the most enjoyable part of my day.
  • Because I learned a lot.
  • because it was great and all hands on.

We'll post the feedback from our snowboarding program soon.

Thanks so much to our sponsors:

We couldn't do it without you!

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