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  • We’re putting together a plan that will allow passionate recreation leaders like you, to run a sustainable Girls on Boards social impact business in your area.

    How would you like to Do What You Love AND Do Good?


    How would you like to run Stand Up Paddle Boarding Business, with additional Skateboarding, Snowboarding programs and other youth empowering events in your area?


    Can you see yourself becoming the leader you know you are, sharing your passion and empowering local youth?


    What if we were able to help you get the boards, insurance and the business platform so that your business runs sustainably, you are supported to cover your costs and time but are able to maximize impact and provide these recreation empowerment programs to the youth who need it most?


    We’re putting together an innovative new model of expansion for Girls on Boards, a chance for you to have the boards and support to run a Girls on Boards hub without the stress of figuring it out on your own.


    Your Girls on Boards Social Impact Franchise Business package will include the equipment, training, insurance, support and the online platform to run your business sustainably.


    It would require an investment (probably around $15,000) that would pay for:


    • 7 Paddle Boards and Paddles (high quality)

    • Instructor, Leadership and Business Training

    • Website for online booking of your events and a platform for managing the finances and marketing them.

    • Your first year of Liability Insurance (renewable)

    • Complete support from our team to help you run your business so all your expenses are paid and you’re able to run “pay-it-forward” events for the public and then provide free or at cost events for youth.


    The value of this package far exceeds cost, doing this alone would cost a minimum of $25,000 not including the costs of learning and mistakes :) yes - we’ve had that issue.


    One hot tip we can give, if you’re purchasing this business, is that you can either fund the initial cost on your own or you would be able to apply for funding or grants or run a crowdfunding campaign locally to cover the costs of this initial investment if you are set up as a non profit.


    Our goal is to support you in creating a sustainable recreation empowerment business that works WITH you and FOR you and how you want to positively impact your community. One that pays all your expenses, your instructors, keeps you safe and allows you to do what you love AND do good.

    YOU get to decide if you keep this as a side/seasonal gig, offering tours and programs in the summer, on evenings and weekends or if this becomes your full time business. This business model has the ability to give you freedom on how much you want to work, lead and give. It will be your own business with our support.


    At Girls on Boards, and as a GOB Hub Business, our top outcomes will always be, how can we reach and empower more women and youth, and our second outcome will always be, how can we do this sustainably, not depending on our leaders to drain their energy tanks and bank accounts.


    As a leader of a GOB Hub in your community, you CAN bring huge value and positive impact and we’re here to give you a platform and hold your hand so that you can share your gifts in the least stressful way possible.


    Together, we can make more impact.


    Your hub + our hub + hundreds of hubs around the world will become a movement, a vortex of empowerment, a movement for change, a collective voice that will continue to raise the vibrations, empower our future and create a sustainable way to support more and more women and girls to feel their power and FEEL their equality.

    Basically, we want to be part of the solution in creating a better future, for girls and women, and everyone around the globe.


    We’re putting this together, it’s a big plan that will take a lot of work - organizing and investing in the online platform, getting paddle boards that are top quality and perfect for your business, setting up your support systems, insurance systems, legal and liability programs and of course making this one of the best programs possible. We need to know if you’re interested, really interested, like interested enough that you WOULD be able to find the funding, that you could see yourself as running this business in your community, that you can see yourself doing this even if you’re scared, and don’t think you can but there’s an inkling inside of you that is drawn to this.

    We are figuring out if there’s enough interest in this, if we built this program, we’d have enough leaders to make this work. There will also be cheaper options if you don’t need equipment - that will get clearer as we boldly walk into this.


    Please add your name here, if you want to be on the list, if you want to be notified when we have more of this together, if you want to share with us that you are definitely putting your hand up to become part of our team, part of Girls on Boards expanding and creating positive impact in the world.


    Thank you! We will keep in touch. The goal is to have more of this program together by May 2021. Yes, we are asking the Dragon’s Den leaders if they can help us launch. Them knowing you are on board with this plan, will help our pitch. Together, we can make this happen!

  • Add your name to the list, be the first to know when we are ready to launch.

    *adding your name to this does not guarantee your location and does not commit you to this program.